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Client Instructions

If you are reading this page, it means that you have purchased your pizza braai!

Firstly, we would like to thank you very much for the support and can't wait for you to start using your pizza braai!

Any braai master will tell you, that you never interfere with another persons braai..so we are not here to do that! (wink-wink)

We are just here to supply you with a few useful tips that we have tried and tested to ensure the perfect pizza braai experience.

We are also open to hearing your opinion and tips so please send them to sales@pizzabraaisa.co.za.

Pizza Dough

We have a easy pizza dough recipe that you can find on our "recipe & Ingredients" page.


A few dough tips:

Ensure that your platform is covered with flour. This will keep the dough from

sticking to the surface.


After rolling out your dough, place the dough in the oven for 5 min to make it a bit more stiff. This will help the handling of the base when placing your topping on the base.

piza braai sa

braai your pizza

After you have lowered your pizza braai, you can feel on the inside of your braai when it has heated up.

To ensure a smooth placement of the pizza in the braai, sprinkle flour on the pizza peel then place the pizza on the peel.

This will help that the pizza can go into the pizza braai easier and not stick to the peel should it be a bit "sticky".

wood fired pizza braai oven

heating of tile

When using your pizza braai for the first time, it is very important that the tile inside your braai is gradually heated. 

Place your pizza braai on the highest setting over coals. (approx. 30cm)

Once the tile tile has gradually heated, you can move your pizza braai lower to start the pizza cooking process.

By gradually heating your pizza braai with the first use, your tile will adapt to the heat and this will ensure that the tile does not crack.

portable pizza braai oven

cleaning your braai

It's as simple as popping out the tiles.

There are two holes located at the bottom of the inner tray.

Pull the tiles out and start the cleaning process.

Only use a wet cloth and normal soap.


Don't use cleaning substances such as thinners, turpentine etc. 

The tiles must be completely dry before use.

Wet tiles may crack. 

For a more thorough clean, dis-assembling of the pizza braai is advised.

pizza braai sa