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Portable pizza oven pizza braai sa

Pizza Braai SA (Pty) Ltd. is a carefully crafted portable pizza oven that gives your pizza that amazing wooden fire taste and that can be enjoyed at any braai.

It is a portable oven and easy to use. All you need is a fire!


(DES.PATENT: F2020/01026)

Our History

Like all South Africans, we are always the first to initiate an opportunity for a braai, but like all humans, we love pizza. The fact is that we could not always braai and enjoy a delicious pizza. Enjoying a pizza, you either have to go to a restaurant or spend your time in the kitchen waiting for your pizza in the oven. One night as we were enjoying a braai, a good idea started. (because no good idea started with someone eating a salad)


We tried making a pizza on a tin foil covered braai grid with a braai casserole lid, covering the top. The idea was there but the pizza did not have that amazing wood fire oven taste. With Heinrich being a development engineer, the idea and design started rolling. He designed a portable pizza oven and after much trial and error, the perfectly crafted pizza braai came to life.


As the pizza braai was only just for our own enjoyment, once again around a braai, we thought that we might be able to sell our passion. With Sune in Marketing, we spontaneously shared this concept, to great shock received feedback, and noticed that there was a gap in this market. So many South Africans shared our passion for combining braai and pizza.

Pizza Braai SA - Founders